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Jan 26, 2013 6:00pm PST
. >>> supporters of new gun control laws also gathered in san francisco today as part of a nationwide effort. >> gun control now! >> the walk along the field drew members of the newly formed grassroots group called one million moms for gun control. they're committed to passing what they call common sense gun control laws in the united states. >> no one can stand on the sidelines anymore. this affects everybody. no one's immune, and no one's safe as long as the military-style assault weapons are available legally in this country. >> members are pushing for a ban of military-style assault weapons, a limit on the amount of ammunition that can be sold and more thorough background checks. >>> there was a similar scene across the country in washington, d.c., today. hundreds joined a silent march through the nation's capital. among those in attendance, 100 parents from newtown, connecticut. >> feel hopeful. cautiously optimistic. and i hope this is just the start of a bigger movement to keep not only our children safe but the citizens. >> vice president biden is spearheading a public push for new g
Jan 25, 2013 6:00pm PST
will make an arrest and they will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. again, we want people to come to san francisco, and weigh want them to celebrate responsibly. >> police arrested dozens of people when celebrations got out of control. vandals overturned cars, destroyed property, and started fires. >>> dozens of san francisco restaurants could be in hot water for failing to spend surcharges on employers as required. businesses were supposed to set aside up to $3 an hour per worker for health care costs. restaurants charged customers $2 to pay for that program. the city attorney says only about a third of the $14 million collected went to paying for the program. the offending unnamed restaurants have until april 10 to comply or face consumer fraud lawsuits. >>> it's not getting any easier for apple. another setback for the company and its investors today. our business and tech reporter, scott budman. scott, it seems the bleeding isn't stopping. >> reporter: not yet. investors are trying to figure out where shares fit in between increased sales but skyrocketing expectations
Jan 21, 2013 6:00pm PST
else under the law. for if we are truly created equal, then surely the love we commit to one another must be equal as well. >> gay rights advocates are praising the president's speech, but critics including brian brown, president of the national organization for marriage, says he took offense to some of the president's remarks today. he says it was inappropriate when the president mentioned the 1969 stonewall riots in new york city which launched the gay rights movement and linked them to other civil rights struggles. and now that the work is over as you saw a few minutes ago it is party time. coming up we'll get back and give you another insider's look at some of the festivities and preparations to make it happen. >>> the first time in 18 years the 49ers are back in the super bowl. if you were around here in the mid-'90s and 1980s, you know how wild the bay area gets with 49ers fever. this time something totally new for the 49ers and the nfl. you probably know by now, sibling rivalry, two brothers coaching against each other in the super bowl. we have extensive coverage tonight of t
Jan 23, 2013 6:00pm PST
unconstitutional. an indiana law that bans sex offenders from accessing sites that can be accessed by children has been overturned. the blanket ban was said to be too broad and didn't really protect kids. a district judge said the state has found strong evidence that social networking sites like facebook are a virtual playground for sexual predators to lurk. federal judges have forbidden similar laws in nebraska and louisiana. >>> they let you jump, slide, and twist and they're popping up in ski resorts across the country especially here in northern california. we're talking about terrain parks, parks in the snow. they're fun but are they safe? >> some are concerned about the design of the park and the potential for serious accidents. >> reporter: with a jump launching you as high as 90 feet in the air there's no denying it's a risky activity. but as this has taken off, we found there is little oversight over how these jumps are designed. it's a big draw for snowboarders and skiers. terrain parks are growing in popularity alongside big events like the x-games. and according to a recent survey, 90%
Jan 24, 2013 6:00pm PST
and law enforcement, but to see this many people here during this project was just amazing. >> sean and his wife are planning to celebrate their new yard with a huge super bowl party for his extended family and today's volunteers are invited. >> absolutely. >>> air national guardmen from the are deploying to afghanistan and the horn of africa this week. the 75 citizen air mann will be deployed for 4 1/2 months to provide search and rescue support from moffett field. >> our mission is to save lives. we're a rescue unit. we're going to go back to afghanistan. our helicopters, our crews will be there for about 41/2 months. and their job is to rescue anybody in need, whether it's u.s. forces, coalition members or afghan nationals. >> in addition to the wartime mission the unit works closely with the coast guard on state missions. >> how one south bay school is turning the tables on the traditional teaching methods to give children more access to technology. >> i'm sam brock. today was a glorious one for california governments. no. governor jerry brown soaked up the praise for a balanced
Jan 22, 2013 6:00pm PST
control. california's mental health law approved eight years ago by voters raises $1 billion a year through special tax on millionaires. steinberg wants the feds to launch similar programs in all states. >>> lawmakers introduced a bill to improve access to a procedure in california. members of the state's women's health alliance gathered to support the proposal. it would improve a woman's access to abortion clinics by authorizing trained nurse practitioners, certified nurse mid wives and physicians' assistants to give all women better access to safe, medical care. >> it's not going to change people's behavior whether they get pregnant or not. women don't get pregnant to have an abortion. that's a myth our opponents like to perpetuate. >> the fundamental right to make their own -- >> supporters say they're confident the bill will pass this year. >>> it appears benjamin netanyahu is on course for a third term as prime minister. cheers erupted from the crowds in israel as he came out on top. in today's parliamentary elections. it appears the election was closer than many projected. net
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6